2010 - November

You’re Never Too Old to Explore

Ralph Lemon.  Image courtesy of RedCat. How can you go in the house all day and not go anywhere? That is the question Ralph Lemon asks in his latest work, also doubling as the work’s title, which marks his return after a four-year hiatus.  The part-stage, part-video, part-dance, and part-I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it multi-media piece poetically explores themes…

By way of Jenny Yurshansky

Jenny Yurshansky’s work negotiates the space between the poetic and the empiric by manipulating everyday materials into unparalleled forms through sculpture, site-specific installations and interventions.  By way of erasure and negative space, she underscores what is known through first establishing what is not known.

Yue Opera

With almost 300 types of Chinese Opera, Yue Opera distinguishes itself from most other opera forms with its rejection of traditional all-male performers for an all-female ensemble.  Developed at the start of the twentieth century in Zhejiang Province near the Yangtze River basin, Yue Opera began as a local forum for folklore and singing, founded…

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