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El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

For the past two years I have worked as co-editor-in-chief of GRAPHITE. Leaving now for New York City to attend graduate school, it brings me such a profound sadness to leave the journal — its readers, editorial staff, and vision. But what I’d like to continue to contribute is a new insight from the big apple. Los Angeles and New York City may seem as though they are opposing cities in many respects, but from across the country these metropolises continue to learn from one another, especially when it comes to the art world!


Recently my sister and featured writer/artist of GRAPHITE found herself in Melbourne for the premiere of her short film Zergut, whose film stills were featured in issue two. Her film opened for El Bulli – Cooking in Progress, which chronicles the inner-workings and gastronomical experiments of Chef Ferran Adria and his restaurant in Barcelona, El Bulli. I had a chance to see it at Film Forum here in New York City.


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