2012 - February

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Horizon Lines: Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Modernism Week ended on Sunday, and since all the spots on the Lautner House tour had been snatched six months ago, I found myself in the lobby of the Horizon Hotel seeking shade from the desert sun. The advertised exhibition was just a small collection of photographs, many of them without listed artistic credits….

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Niki Minaj ft. Ryan Trecartin

I saw this Niki Minaj video this morning and felt some untenable connection to Ryan Trecartin’s work. I think it’s a sonic thing — the visuals here are tame, even by Minaj standards — but there are these moments where one realizes that the bulk of the lyrics are “You a stupid ho,” repeated ad…

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Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Graphite is pleased to present it’s first ever Valentine’s Day Mixtape Complilation! I asked our staff to share their favorite love songs — profound declarations, sentimental goodbyes, existential musings, and pure lust — these are but a fraction of that sweet cherry pie we all share and express. And while today may be read critically…

The Fourth Time’s the Charm

  From Greenwich Village, to Midtown, then Madison Avenue & 75th, the Whitney Museum has moved around Manhattan more than your average New Yorker is likely to in a lifetime. In 2015, another location will be added to the list, but this new 200,000 square ft. space is predicted to remain as the permanent home…

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Initial Points: Anchors of America’s Grid

Six years ago, Louis Schalk and Jesse Vogler from the Institute of Marking and Measuring wrote a remarkably concise history of the Rectangular Survey System, detailing the 32 Initial Points – the precise locations anchoring the conceptual grid of land division in the western United States. 

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