Graphite Journal was founded in 2009 and is the first printed interdisciplinary arts journal on the UCLA campus. The journal is produced annually and supported through the Hammer Museum and the Hammer Student Association.

GRAPHITE prides itself in cultivating a student publication that brings into proximity a series of critical, activist and creative projects. Each yearly printed journal responds to a theme or proposal that is crafted to provoke a reorientation around contemporary events and ideas. The journal has been read by a range of people belonging to such diverse groups as: the UCLA student body, the contemporary art world and an extended network of thinkers that is not confined to academia. We are also dedicated to supporting a community of contributors who include: undergraduate students, graduate students,  doctoral contributors and working people both in Los Angeles and internationally.

As a supplement to our annual journal, we run a blog that provides a more immediate platform for this growing community to have further exchange and dialogue. The GRAPHITE Journal Blog is always open for submissions. More information on the blog’s structure and how to contribute can be found here.

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GRAPHITE staff are members of the Hammer Student Association (H.S.A.) and in addition to producing the journal, are involved in the other activities of the H.S.A. including events and Hammer promotion on campus. For more information on the application process, please contact hsa@hammer.ucla.edu.

2016-2017 Editorial Staff
Editor-in-Chief, Nilo Goldfarb
Editor-in-Chief, Erica Vincenzi
Essays Editor, Lisa Aubry
Essays Editor, Devin Johnson
Essays Editor, Maya White
Art Editor, Camille Clair
Art Editor, Jake Stutz
Art Editor, Sasha Zamani
Multimedia Head, Karen Achar
Multimedia Editor, Brian Pea
Distribution/Development Head, Ramona Blowers
Designer, Connie Chang
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