had a dream about a rolodex of some sort. title it “rolodex dream”, refer to it in my head that way. document begins with “ever since the rolodex dream i’ve…”.

On the psychogeography of cities and the internet

  Img[1]: Maze screensaver from Microsoft ‘95 [1] Situationism and the Internet The enduring legacy of the Situationist dérive for the 21st century may include its status as a method for breaking out of the psychic boundaries that delimit one’s daily life to an unchanging routine. In a reflection on the psychogeography of Tijuana, Aurelio…

Kelly Akashi: SandCandle.jpg

The first candle I made, in 2012, cast in a bucket of sand. This image was taken during open studios at USC in  2013 where I first tried stacking furniture to display several handmade candles, wax objects, and images.

On Modularism / Science and Capitalism in Louis-Ferdinand de Céline’s “Death on the Installment Plan”

001.1—Twentieth Century Modularism I have gotten about two thirds of the way through Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Death on the Installment Plan, a novel I first became aware of via an oblique reference made in Beck’s 2006 song The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton. First published in 1952, and then translated into English by Ralph Manheim in 1966, Death on…

On Modularism / Science and Capitalism in Louis-Ferdinand de Céline’s “Death on the Installment Plan”

img[1], Diagram of OSCAR from The Modular Body (2016), an “online science fiction story” by Floris Kaayk  001—The Modularism of Blogging Blogging is characterized by MODULARITY. (It is the medium of modular modernity, or modularism.) Blogging takes individualized snapshots of life that can be linked to one another, reordered or otherwise reorganized, individually deleted or…

PS. (Theory)

usually mouse process: Mouse—> interpretation—> narrative (further perpetuating the mice)   Mouse process, as of yesterday: real Mouse—> un consensual dream—-> real Mouse …….yikes yikes yikes ps: last night I had my first mouse dream ever, mice usually only gain importance when i write about them and make symbolic associations but last night they actually…

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