Interview with John Seal Part 1

CONVERSATION WITH JOHN SEAL PART 1: You can slay me with a bowl of strawberries so long as you have really struggled with them, and I can taste that struggle– the taste of hard-fought empathy. John Seal’s work is currently on view in a show at Johann Koenig in Berlin from June 7th to July…

women’s march: truth and biological feminism, killing a rapist

the biological feminist position is repulsive for its exclusionary violence. we have already told you: we refuse to know what woman is. yet on the occasion of the women’s march, we stood behind this position. this is not because we accept the idea that a woman is to be defined on the reproductive terms that appear under attack….

Nilo Goldfarb Responds to a Recent Shooting on UCLA’s Campus

On Wednesday, June 1st at 9:56 AM UCLA students and faculty received a text message with the following statements enclosed: “BruinAlert: Shooting at Engineering 4.  Go to secure location and deny entry (lockdown) now!” As an active shooter opened fire in what turned out to be a murder-suicide, UCLA’s campus was put on lockdown. The scene…

small still hot cast iron pan with fried egg, lime and wilted arugula

1. growing up, parastou had a cookbook in english. every recipe in the cookbook was prefaced by a directive to wash your hands and don an apron before you begin to cook. its trite dictation of decorum could be viewed as patronizing and misogynistic. however, i am awed by the transparency with which it transgresses…

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