had a dream about a rolodex of some sort. title it “rolodex dream”, refer to it in my head that way. document begins with “ever since the rolodex dream i’ve…”.

partial memorial

iii. (poem based on a dream i’ve mostly forgotten but remember explaining to nilo in a football field) i am hidden in exteriors that contradict the natural circulation reverse the movement and inhibit digestion i am teeming with visions unofficial if not, unconvincing in another faster than ever …  

partial memorial

ii. a recently went to a job interview at a gallery…upon entering the gallery a woman greeted me and warmly told me to let her know if i had any questions. i asked her if she was kate – kate who i had been corresponding with via email… the woman was not kate, she…

partial memorial

i. in 2001, i lived with my parents in brooklyn.  i remember the morning of 9/11 well. my parents staring at the tv, crying, picking up the phone, putting it down…flipping channels.. on the tv i saw a smoke-filled city. a plane entering a tower in slow motion, a newscaster losing composure. an overplayed clip of…

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