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women’s march: truth and biological feminism, killing a rapist

the biological feminist position is repulsive for its exclusionary violence. we have already told you: we refuse to know what woman is. yet on the occasion of the women’s march, we stood behind this position. this is not because we accept the idea that a woman is to be defined on the reproductive terms that appear under attack. we realize these terms have been weaponized in the protection of their own territory. we reject this violence. we stood behind this position because it united one million in DC and nearly 750,000 people in los angeles against a regime that is at war with women as such. at this point we must look at what it means to get together. from the need to stand together, we begin to discuss how and why and to what extent we stand with a biological feminist movement.

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Nilo Goldfarb Responds to a Recent Shooting on UCLA’s Campus

On Wednesday, June 1st at 9:56 AM UCLA students and faculty received a text message with the following statements enclosed:

“BruinAlert: Shooting at Engineering 4.  Go to secure location and deny entry (lockdown) now!”

As an active shooter opened fire in what turned out to be a murder-suicide, UCLA’s campus was put on lockdown. The scene unfolded within the next two hours with the arrival of various authorities. Whilst hiding under tables in darkly lit rooms, information and updates were conveyed via social media and text. Nilo Goldfarb, GRAPHITE future co editor-in-chief, responds to this transferral and its coinciding paranoia.

Read Nilo’s response here.

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