Happy v-day! Whether you’re celebrating your relationship with your s/o or aggressively swiping right on tinder, we here at Graphite hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. Here’s a short curated playlist commemorating some love (or heartbreak) related moments to help you get through the holiday. Enjoy!


Happy Turkey Day! Every year, Graphite compiles a mixtape in honor of the annual celebration of love: Valentine’s Day. This year, however, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit. So here we present to you our very first Thanksgiving-themed playlist, curated by Graphite staff members!   Whether you embrace the rare gathering together of family members…

James Curry on Blogging on the Graphite Blog

(360) I am writing this entry specifically for the blog of the art journal Graphite, which is publishing (and will have published) entries of On Blogging selected to fit their upcoming issue’s theme of “practice.” This might be a good place to reiterate what exactly On Blogging is about. For a while now I have…

Five Links with Indah Datau

Before you get your hands on the new print issue GRAPHITE SIX: PRACTICE . Lose yourself online in a stream of videos and sites selected by contributor Indah Datau.     

Jessica Ciocci’s Emails of Graphic Experiences

By: Daisy Sheff The first time I saw Paper Rad was the summer before eighth grade, at the Oxbow School up in Napa. One of the counselors showed me her collection of comic books (Matt Brinkman’s Multiforce is the only other one I remember out of this). Ever since then, comics, and Paper Rad in…

Everyday Confessions

By: Jesy Odio     Before 5 Every Day existed, the city was large and overwhelming. To those who decamped to Southern California and even those that have been living around to see the many faces of Sunset Blvd., with its micro-climates and pocket neighborhoods, Los Angeles is a confusing yet enthralling metropolis. How is one…

GRAPHITE Presents Issue 5: Networks

GRAPHITE is proud to present the fifth installment of the journal, “Networks.” Issue 5 features the work of twelve artists, four writers, and an interview between editor Gabriel Garza and artist Edgar Arcenaux.    

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