Submissions for Issue 8 are currently closed. Check back in fall 2017 for Issue 9’s Call For Entries. In the meantime, we are always accepting submissions to our blog, more about which can be found here.



For GRAPHITE’s eighth issue, we are seeking submissions that relate in diverse and divergent ways to the domain of the manual. Manual, etymologically, points to the hand. As in, handbook, or, labor by-hand. The manual is a site of information and instruction, as well as a vehicle of dissemination.

Manual labor often involves other points of contact on the body, and instruction manuals do not always take the form of words in print. The concept manual can be extended to talk about any persistent site of contact on the body that is both marked by labor and available for social connection and transmission. A social consciousness around the domain of the manual opens up new possibilities for considering intersecting challenges to conditions of human life.  The figure of the “manual” extends our thinking on issues of labor, intimacy, resistance and social transformation to a nebulous site of transmission that needn’t be limited to a hand or book. In this issue of GRAPHITE, we are interested in considering what forms the manual might take to facilitate, rather than restrict, a sharing of information to positively transform conditions of labor, knowledge production, and social life.  How does the need for directorial clarity, the legibility and availability of instructions get weighed against the need for specificity and novelty?

GRAPHITE invites you to consider this domain from whatever perspective feels most appropriate from where it is you are at. We insist that the ever-present figure of the “manual” is something that you have a deep connection to, and is always-already at play in your praxis.

GRAPHITE is seeking original essays, reviews, criticism, interviews, and artwork from graduate and undergraduate students nationwide for its seventh annual issue, organized around the concept of Manual.

The deadline has been extended to February 3, 2017 at 5pm.

For written material
Please send your material for review to Specify your full name and “JOURNAL” in the subject line. Work should not exceed twelve double spaced pages, font size 12, and must follow the Chicago Manual of Style (see below). Accompanying images must have detailed captions and citations and should be high-resolution JPG files (at least 300 dpi). Note that final inclusion of images is dependent on securing appropriate copyright permissions. Include a 2-5 sentence biography within your e-mail. Limit up to four documents per person.

For CHICAGO STYLE tips and sample papers, please visit the Research and Documentation site.

For artwork
Please send your original work for review to Specify your full name and “JOURNAL ART” in the subject of the email. ALL photographs or scans of artwork must be sent as high-resolution JPG files (at least 300dpi). Limit seven entries. Include a 2-5 sentence biography within your e-mail. If you are interested in sending video art or film, please send a link to a high-quality video of your work along with clear, large-format stills.