Get Wacky with Seth Bogart & Peggy Noland

  Seth Bogart does it all. When he is not on tour with band Hunx and his Punx. He is busy working on paintings, drawings, magazines, and Claes Oldenburgish ceramics of things like perfume bottles, lighters, make up, and figures of pop and punk music.  With artist Peggy Noland, he puts it all on display…

Nicholette Kominos’s Hyperawareness

By: Sophia Arriola   Nicholette Kominos creates abstract structures cognizant of the familiar. With form evoking fluidity, her sculptures and paintings explore a diverse range of mediums, from pipe cleaners to vellum and steel. There is a psychological depth to her work, in which its simplicity encourages response and interpretation. Whether inspired by “the curve…

68 words with JOSH BITELLI

  Our profiles of contributors to GRAPHITE‘s fifth issue continues with a flash interview with artist London-based Josh Bitelli.   Q1 – Life story: A1 – tba

Conor Thompson: News and New Paintings

  We continue the countdown to the launch of GRAPHITE Issue 5: Networks with images of new works by one of the publication’s featured artists, Conor Thompson. A former middle school art teacher, Thompson is now finishing up his first year at UC Irvine’s MFA Painting program.

Lux Tenebris: James Turrell’s ‘Dark Matter’

I blink once, then twice. Nothing coalesces in nothingness. Darkness focuses itself into luminosity, the pale pink St. Elmo’s fire of my inner eye. Is there really a light pulsating in the abyss? I wonder. Or am I going mad?     I am in James Turrell’s Dark Matter. The guard who led me here…

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