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U.S. Premier of ‘Tempest’

Two weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending the REDCAT’s production of Tempest: Without a Body. Samoan-born, New Zealand-based Lemi Ponifasio has concocted a delightfully nightmarish performance that spoke to larger themes of post-colonial fallout. Combining dance, theater, and oratory, the imagery and movement of Tempest oscillated between ceremony and seizure, while the equally wide range of sound included unanticipated shrieks, electronic tangs, and barking dogs.

Despite the slow and deliberate pace, the complete and unrelenting arsenal of audio/visuals in Tempest left me in complete, if not uncomfortable, suspense.

-Caitlin Johnson

The Double Soul

This past Sunday the GRAPHITE team along with other members of HSA (Hammer Student Association) had the opportunity to explore Simon Toparovsky and Ariel SoulĂ©’s A Letter from the Renaissance: The Double Soul, which is currently on display in the UCLA Library’s Department of Special Collections. After being bused to the Getty Center where we got a 60 minute crash course on 16th century Italian history and portraiture, we were fortunate to have one of the artists, Simon Toparovsky, give us a personal tour of the exhibition in Special Collections.

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