Paper Paradise: The L.A. Art Book Fair

  Last Thursday, MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary reopened its doors for the second annual Los Angeles Art Book Fair. LAABF14, curated by New York indie publication mecca Printed Matter, featured over 260 presses, publishers, artists, and independent booksellers from around the world. Visitors to the free bibliophile bonanza perused snaking rows of colorful stalls and tables…

What’s a Library but an Anomaly?

What better way to begin thinking about what “The Archival” means than exploring the idea and act of preservation? To learn what it takes to repair books and to get inspired for the design of the third edition of GRAPHITE, designers Anna Reutinger, Jon Gacnik, and I visited the UCLA Conservation Lab. Lab supervisor Kristen St….

Portrait ID

Visit her Tumblr here UCLA student Priscilla Brinshot “decided to explore facial expressions in accordance with reactions” in her video, “Portrait ID.” She portrays “a series of experiments that provoke my subjects to react in a way that would cause muscles and nerves to flinch. Mainly, though, I allowed the subjects full freedom to move…

The 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale

The emblem of culture, modernity, and innovation, design encapsulates society, and prides itself through a number of categories including but not limited to fashion, interior decorating, architecture, food, graphic, and engineering. It has also redefined marketing and advertising in ways we cannot ignore. In short, design reflects our relationship to the space in which we…

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