Mona Hatoum: Projection

When one thinks of the work of 20th century Catalan artist Joan Miró, images of brightly colored paintings featuring abstract birds, women, moons, and stars immediately come to mind. So, what does Miró’s work have in common with the large-scale installation artwork of contemporary artist Mona Hatoum? Hatoum, the winner of the 2011 Joan Miró…

The Shadow of the Wind

    Following a young man’s investigation of an author’s dark past, The Shadow of the Wind is a tale that delves deep into its characters’ pasts to uncover their buried scars. With an intense sincerity are the characters’ secrets revealed and, alongside the effects of their personal traumas, they are granted the utmost empathy….

The Double Soul

This past Sunday the GRAPHITE team along with other members of HSA (Hammer Student Association) had the opportunity to explore Simon Toparovsky and Ariel Soulé’s A Letter from the Renaissance: The Double Soul, which is currently on display in the UCLA Library’s Department of Special Collections. After being bused to the Getty Center where we…

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