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Get Wacky with Seth Bogart & Peggy Noland



Seth Bogart does it all. When he is not on tour with band Hunx and his Punx. He is busy working on paintings, drawings, magazines, and Claes Oldenburgish ceramics of things like perfume bottles, lighters, make up, and figures of pop and punk music.  With artist Peggy Noland, he puts it all on display at Wacky Wacko, a store on Sunset Boulevard.


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Nicholette Kominos’s Hyperawareness

By: Sophia Arriola
Nicholette Kominos creates abstract structures cognizant of the familiar. With form evoking fluidity, her sculptures and paintings explore a diverse range of mediums, from pipe cleaners to vellum and steel. There is a psychological depth to her work, in which its simplicity encourages response and interpretation. Whether inspired by “the curve of the spoon” or “the grid of a potholder,” Kominos’ work is elegantly subtle and organically construed. Here, Kominos lays it all out. 

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Our countdown to the 2013 Call for Entries Countdown wraps up with a spotlight on

current UCLA MFA candidate and Open – Table contributor: Bridget Beck.



One of two large-scale works by Beck at Minnesota's Franconia Sculpture Park.


Artist Bridget Beck “grew up in South Dakota where she soaked in the plains and the sky until graduating from Augustana College in 2000.” Between then and now Beck has participated in a number of impressive internships, fellowships, lectures and exhibitions across the country. Continue reading


On March 12, 2012, New York based artist Jason Kraus prepared a four course, sous vide style meal for twelve friends and fellow artists in a temporarily constructed kitchen at Redling Fine Art. He preformed an identical act the next night, the meal, location, and company unaltered. And then again, the next night. 

For seven consecutive nights, the same twelve people met in the same gallery to ingest the same meal. At the end of each night Kraus would clean up after his guests, washing their dishes and disassembling the tables that they dined upon, creating a container to hold their cutlery and table settings. At the end of the seventh night, on March 18, seven cabinets were all that remained of the dinners, and Dinner Repeated was complete.


Jason Kraus, Dinner Repeated, 2012


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