Graphite Journal is a Los Angeles-based student arts organization dedicated to producing critical and creative projects in an integrated physical and digital space. Our undertakings are a reaction to the expansion of communication infrastructures and information technologies that reconfigure the possibilities and paradigms of a traditional publication. We explore new categories and speeds of artistic production and consumption, while insisting on a tangible and material engagement with community. We were formed in 2009 and are supported by the Hammer Museum.

Print Journal:

Graphite publishes an annual journal that responds to a theme or proposal that is crafted to provoke a reorientation around contemporary events and ideas. A call for entry is opened to the public during the month of December. Our journal is published in May, accompanied by a open-to-public launch party where contributors get a chance to present their work to our readers in person. Journals are distributed for free at this event.


Our blog is a space that supports a more immediate form of dialogue and expression. Through the combination of single-author streams and multi-author channels we aim to enable participatory engagement with various points of focus within a heterotopic field. Blog posts are tied to particular threads, which expand and evolve with each additional contribution. Authors can choose to add a post that starts a new thread, or join an existing one. The Graphite Blog is always open for submissions.


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